• UV Protection

    Tinted glass has the added benefit of significantly reducing harmful UV rays (ultraviolet rays), which helps protect your skin and belongings. Our films block 99+% UV rays.

  • Heat Rejection

    Tinted glass is energy efficient because the colored glass absorbs solar heat and reduces the amount of natural light coming through, thus reducing solar heat gain.

  • Shatter Protection 

    One unique benefit of tinted window film is its slight shatter protection. Because there is a film applied to the window glass, if the window were to break, the broken glass would stick to the film rather than shatter to the ground.

  • Privacy

    Privacy is important not only for your own comfort, but it’s also necessary for certain applications, such as protecting confidential information and valuable items.

  • Aesthetics

    Not only do you get increased benefits of uv, heat rejection, shatter protection, but you're also getting styling for your vehicle. Tinted glass gives your car that prestigious look.

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